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Mar 30, 2016 at 06:26 AM

Cannot create PCM REST connection in EPM add-in



We installed SAP PCM 10 sp10 patch 1.

We configured basic steps, web server configured too.

Logon and connect via web server is sucsessful.

Also we tried to create Local PCM connection (old type, without write-back func.) in EPM, it works fine.

But we cannot create PCM REST connection (new type, with write-back func.).

I copied three files from PCM folder to EPM folder (from instruction here How-To Install & Use the PCM 10.0 REST connection and enable write-back functionality)

We getting error in the first step:

We installed .NET 4.0 and configured ISAPI and CGI:

Looks like problem with PCMExcelService, can you help me please?