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Expert suggestion on Delta Merge of delta data in HANA

Hi Experts,

I am using the below sequence step to refresh the data by calc view in one Z table of my schema. Where I am deleting the data and loading again, if I am writing the below in a Stored Proc and Scheduling in XSJOBS.

Is there any better step where I can only update the delta records , so that I can increase the speed of the XSJOBS, by reducing the run time of data update.

create local temporary table #ZZ_TAB( , ); // Same as CALC_VIEW Structure insert into #ZZ_TAB select * from CALC_VIEW; delete from "CHANDAN_SCHEMA"."ZZ_TAB"; insert into "CHANDAN_SCHEMA"."ZZ_TAB" select * from #ZZ_TAB; merge delta of "CHANDAN_SCHEMA"."ZZ_TAB" WITH PARAMETERS ('FORCED_MERGE' = 'ON'); drop table #ZZ_TAB;
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1 Answer

  • Mar 30, 2016 at 06:55 AM

    Looks like you want to micro-manage a lot here.

    It's very likely thought that your performance problems are not due to the increased run time of queries that execute on data in the delta store.

    Instead I highly recommend to review the query logic and to try and get rid of temporary table data copy actions.

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    • Ok, so your data is max. 5 minutes old, but you need to optimize in the under-second area to eliminate delta log read effects?

      That doesn't seem to make sense at all.

      How much data do you try to expose in the UI?

      How long takes your calc view to execute the query? And how many records are returned?

      What is the maximum response time for the UI and why?

      What you are trying to implement should be a cache instead - and that would be the very last resort to go to.