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Usage of $skiptoken with Offline

Hello fellow SAPers.

I have found myself with an issue due the amount of records our service is returning into the device. The issue is an error 500 which ends the service and returns an error response.

The way we figured this could work was using $skiptoken command and using the logic to separate the response. This has been working wonderfully for online scenarios since we return to the Front Team  the link to the next data to fecth, making the responses from the service smaller and easier to handle.

The issue however, comes when trying to pair this with Offline Scenarios, they're using kapsel to manage the offline stores. However they tried to test this with this and the service didn't return any value and just froze. We noticed that commenting the next lines of code made it work correctly:

es_reponse_context-skiptoken = lv_index_end + 1.

CONDENSE     es_response_context

The issue with this is that's how we know what are the next records to fetch in the consecutive calls. The thing is, how do we make this to work correctly with offline or if there's no way to do so, is there any other way to try to handle the pagination.

With no further ado, I'll be thankful to hear your recomendations or comments regarding this issue.

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1 Answer

  • Apr 04, 2016 at 08:55 PM

    Hi Emmanuel,

    To find out the amount of records for the paging you can use a call with the ?$inlinecount=allpages option.

    I think this thread will help you Implementing a Skip Token OData Query Option ($skiptoken) for SOAP data using Integration Gateway



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