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Mar 29, 2016 at 10:11 PM

Service Entry to adopt contract price from validity dates in the past



I have a business case where I would like service entry to adopt prices from a contract based on validity dates in contract item conditions.

Scenario further explained -

1. Business creates a value contract valid for an entire year, with prices changing in between. The item condition prices in the contract have these validity dates maintained along with the prices. Eg. Jan - March @ $100, April - Aug @ $105, Sept-Dec $102.

2. PO is created in reference to the contract in January but the PO is maintained with limits and price is NOT adopted from services in the contract.

3. Business receives invoices for each month for the previous month. Now for all services performed in March, the invoices are received say on April 10th. The service entry sheet will be posted on April 10th and will reference the contract item service prices. At this time, since the services were rendered prior to April 1st, I would like to know what settings need to be done so the service entry adopts $100 (this is the price on service date) and not the current price of $105.