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Mar 30, 2016 at 12:09 AM

Dump error while updating the revision field and basic start date


Hi All,

As when we are updating the revision filed in the Maintenance Order and saving system is working fine. But for example if the Revision start date and End date are 28-03-2016 and 03-04-2016 and after updating the revision we are also changing the basic start date in the Order as 31-03-2016. Once after updating and when we are trying to save the Order system is throwing the dump error.

The date is not updating to 31-03-2016. Kindly help out in advance.

@ We have absorbed that if the purchase requisition delivery dates are less than the Basic dates in the Order system is throwing error, but if the delivery date in the purchase requisition is greater than the basic dates in the order then system is allowing to change and we are not getting any error.

It is the S4 Hana system.

Kindly advice