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Mar 29, 2016 at 02:07 PM

Problem in "Data Preview" of Calculation view following upgrade


Hi Friends

We upgraded our DB revision of HANA to SPS 10 ( 102.04) and after that my calculation view stopped working . Every time I am trying to do "Data Preview" it is taking huge time and then throwing an error message like below .

Before upgrade Data Preview with similar selection on input parameter, used to take 3-4 seconds to return 70K ( approx) records. Now, it is running for 3-5 minutes before throwing the error message.

Same model gives data in Development or Quality although much slower performance . Does anyone face this problem and have a solution ?

We raised high priority service message, but yet to hear back .




calv1.PNG (12.5 kB)
calv2.PNG (10.4 kB)