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Unable to get destination bin with Pick pack & Pass scenario(user driven WOCR)

Hello EWM experts,

I am setting up the system to test the Pick Pack and Pass scenario as we have conveyors that carry the Pick HUs(totes) to the picking stations.

I am able to create Warehouse orders(Parent and child) along with Pick HUs(Totes) now, but when I confirm the picking tasks on RF, the destination bin that shows up on the RF screen is not the bin of that activity area but the packing work center.

Packing is the next step after after all the picking is completed (all sub warehouse orders are confirmed) in POSC.

I am expecting that user be allowed to scan the destination bin of the picking station after picking is completed in that picking station so that the same tote(Pick HU) can then be taken by the conveyor to the next picking station.

Am I missing something?


Saji George

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2 Answers

  • Mar 30, 2016 at 10:50 AM

    Hi George,

    Can you check the below settings,

    Activity area should be have only one aisle, and that aisle should be maintained in the start & end bins creation.

    against this activity areas , sort sequence should be 'blank' for the activity 'PICK'.


    C K Reddy

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  • Mar 31, 2016 at 08:40 AM

    Hi Saji (or George?),

    how did you setup the information of where the picker should go to when he is finished with his activity? Actually I do not know what is missing, because I have never got it running myself. This is exactly the problem I am facing too: how is the system supposed to know what the end and start bin or whatever for an activity area is supposed to be?

    The documentation about it is not really helpful (Pick, Pack, and Pass During Picking - Warehouse Order Creation - SAP Library). In there it says:

    "f you work with the system-controlled method, you have to define the source and destination storage bins for each activity area.

    On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Extended Warehouse Management Next navigation stepMaster Data Next navigation stepStorage Bin Next navigation stepAssign Start/End Storage Bin for Activity Area End of the navigation path."

    But I do not understand how it should work otherwise. The problem is that also if you maintain this start and end bin, it does not work. I have looked into and tried all kind of settings (even the interim storage type / section / bin in the activity area - another setting I have no idea what it is for), but without success.

    Maybe someone who reads here and knows how this is supposed to work, can give a hint? What is missing in the documentation or how is this process supposed to work?



    P.S. but I am very sure that the size of the activity area and the sort sequence have no influence

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