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Mar 28, 2016 at 11:47 AM

Error in Pricing Determination


Dear Friends,

I am not getting the Gross price in a Transaction. I have maintained the below configurations.

I have defined a custom condition table ZADVT00 with fields (SALES_ORG,DIS_CHANNEL, DIVISION,PRODUCT,PRC_GROUP1,PRC_GROUP2,PRC_GROUP3) , access sequence ZADV.

Assigned the access sequence to the condition type ZADV. This condition type also maintained in condition maintenance for BUPAPRICE.

I have maintained the pricing procedure with the custom defined condition type.

After all these configuration i have maintained the condition table for a product ZHRDLICENSE.

In transaction processing when i assign this product, system does not determine the gross price, even the condition type also does not determined.

Please advise how resolve this issue.