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Mar 25, 2016 at 03:04 PM

Change legend text for chart in Crystal Reports 2013


Hi everyone!

Could you please clarify to me is there any possibility to change generated legend text for chart in CR2013?

Now I'm having 2 lines in legend of my chart: Avg of @User, Avg of @Department. The customer wants them to be displayed as "User" and "Department".

I have found a solution for CR2008:

1. Open report in CR.

2. Set report do "Preview Mode" by clicking View -> Print Preview

3. When in "Preview Mode", select the Legend label you want to change the text of.

4. Right click on the Legend label and select "Edit Axis Label"

5. Then, select the chart, right click and select Chart Expert -> Apply template to group.

6 Save the modified report.

But it seems that it's not working in CR2013 because there no "Edit Axis Label" option in step 4.

Any workarounds are welcome!

Thank you,