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Mar 25, 2016 at 06:07 AM

KPI Modeler :: "cannot read property 'ADDITIONAL_LANGUAGE_ARRAY' of undefined"


Dear all,

I have problem to change the configured KPI tile in KPI Modeler on Suite on HANA.

* I have no problem to have initial configuration of "Configure KPI Tile".


Here is my reproduce step for this issue.

1. Create KPI and Create Evaluation on KPI modeler.

2. Configure KPI tile on KPI modeler and then save.

3. connect to SAP Fiori Launchpad and the click "Configure KPI Tile".

- Close Web Browser and re-connect Fiori launchpad

4. Click the configured tile in previous step and then click "edit" button.

5. Now I can change the configuration.

6. (Problem occurred) I can not save any changes on this step.

The following buttons are not working properly and It did not occur any error message on the web browser.

"SAVE", "SAVE and Activate", "Save and Configure Drill-Down", "Save and Create new"

- Error message in chrome debugger(F12) :: Uncaught typeError: cannot read property 'ADDITIONAL_LANGUAGE_ARRAY' of undefined.


- Error message in chrome debugger(F12) :: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'CHIP' of undefined.

[Recently applied SAP Notes]

Before I apply this notes, I did not have any problem on changing configured tile on fiori launch pad.

I had to apply the following notes in order to solve "no catalog information" in fiori luachpad.

2251801 - Tile catalogs and groups are not loaded after upgrade in Fiori Launchpad and Fiori Launchpad Designer.

After I applied every notes in that, I refreshed all of every cache of SAP Netweave gateway.


UI5 version is 1.28.22


UIEAAP01 100 0009

UIEAPS01 100 0002

UIFICA01 100 0002

UIFSIS01 100 0002

UIGLT001 100 0002

UIHERP01 100 0003

UISPSCA 100 0006

UIRT401 100 0009

UISERP01 100 0006

UISKPI01 100 0003

UITRV001 100 0006

UIX01EAP 100 0009

UIX01HCM 100 0007

UIX01TRV 100 0007

WEBCUIF 747 0011

SAP_ABA 740 0013

SAP_AP 700 0033

SAP_APPL 617 0011

SAP_BASIS 740 0013

SAP_BS_FND 747 0011

SAP_BW 740 0013

SAP_FIN 617 0011

SAP_GWFND 740 0013