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Mar 24, 2016 at 06:48 PM

Fiori launchpad on Portal is not working



We started configuring the Fiori Launchpad on Portal to check two options.

1. Consume the remote Fiori Catalogs to Portal

2. Consume existing portal applications from the Fiori Launchpad on portal

We are on NW 7.40 SP11

I have enabled the Fiori Launchpad and changed the Portal desktop rules for Fiori framework.

I have followed below link as well.

Building your Mobile Portal using Fiori Launchpad on EP

I have set the iView properties as specified.

Now, when I run the fiori Launchpad with the link:


Once I do it, It opens the FIori Launchpad and then gives below error.

When I checked in Developer Tools (F12) on Google chrome, I was getting the 500 error for below specific URL.


When we checked on the logs on portal, we got below log and no further details.

In above test, we had used the Web Dispatcher host name & port to access it.

When we tried with direct host name and port for the portal, we do not get this error.

Can anyone let me know what could be the issue?

Note: We are getting this error for both the scenarios whether we are consuming the remote catalog or utilize from the portal.




Fiori1.PNG (15.3 kB)
Fiori2.PNG (28.2 kB)