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Mar 24, 2016 at 04:20 PM

Navigation list only with two levels ??


Dear openui5 developers,

I'm very glad you've provided such a nice control as navigation list and especially navigation list item that aggregates itself.

However, it's a bit strange that you propose to use it only with two levels.

I have created a simple program with JSON model like this:


"OrgUnitSet": [{

"Id": 1,

"Name": "Bank 1"

}, {

"Id": 2,

"Name": "Bank 2"

}, {

"Id": 3,

"Name": "Bank 3",

"ChildrenDirect": [{

"Id": 5,

"Name": "Bank 5",

"ChildrenDirect": [{

"Id": 6,

"Name": "Bank 6"

}, {

"Id": 7,

"Name": "Bank 7"



}, {

"Id": 4,

"Name": "Bank 4"



and a simple view like this:

<mvc:View xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.tnt">

<NavigationList items="{/OrgUnitSet}" width="30%">

<NavigationListItem text="{Name}" items="{ChildrenDirect}" expanded="false">

<NavigationListItem text="{Name}" items="{ChildrenDirect}" expanded="false">

<NavigationListItem text="{Name}" expanded="false"></NavigationListItem>





as I expect I should see the three-level tree, however what I actually have is:

However I expected to see the screen like this:

What's interesting - I managed to get these screens just by extending the component without any single line of redefinition:




function(NavigationListItem) {

"use strict";

return NavigationListItem.extend("sbt.mob.control.NavigationListItem", {




Could you please provide this feature in the original control?

Will be glad to get some feedback.


P.S: I have prepared a special project to demonstrate both options:

theplenkov / sapui5-issues &amp;mdash; Bitbucket


1.PNG (9.3 kB)
2.PNG (9.1 kB)
3.PNG (12.4 kB)