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Mar 23, 2016 at 06:15 PM

To copy the component assignment


Good afternoon!

Fast question:

Is possible for the transactions CA01, CA02 and CEWB (or some other), to copy the component assignment to a material for the other?

We need this for the two forms:

1) We have many finished products with the bill of material similar. And the same components on the two bill of material, we would like of to copy of a for other on the same operations.

2) Always we have a engineering change on the bill of material, where a component is discontinued, we need to change the component assignment of material per material, and we would like to do this automatic. For example: I inform the component and assignment in many "materials fathers".

Is possible to do this collectively, in large scale? Do you know some way?

Best Regards.

José Dallagnese