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Archiving & Deletion Process in SAP PO

Hi Experts,

I configured the Archiving Process in SAP PO using the below link -

Everything is working fine, the messages are getting archived but I am not clear about the below points -

1) Archiving Job scheduled daily, but it is not working as expected. When I am executing now, it is working and the message count getting reflected but it is not working according to the schedule. Do I need to make some settings?

2) On 22nd March, I changed my retention period to 1ms and executed the job, 18 messages got archived. On 23rd March, I changed the retention period to 1 day(default) and executed the job, 119 messages got archived. I am bit confused with the retention period logic.

Also, the messages archived are in the period - 15 March to 21 March.

How the retention period logic working?

3) Is the three jobs interlinked? How the archive and delete job prioritized? If both are scheduled how it will work?

4) What does Recover Job work?

Please help me to resolve my queries.



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2 Answers

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    Apr 04, 2016 at 10:08 AM

    Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your response.

    I checked and i am good on the settings up of archival process.

    But, still I have the same question on deletion and archiving. Like I have set 7 days of retention period for archiving all the messages coming to PI. Accordingly, the jobs will run and archiving of the messages will happen.

    **Now, if I want to delete this archiving messages after say 1 year of time, do I need to do some settings or need to do manually?

    **Before archiving set-up done, messages were getting deleted. So, what will be the messages deleted according to you after setting up the archiving. Is it synchronous? Not clear about this point.

    Please advice.



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    • Hi Nidhi,

      Ans-1: If you want to archive messages 1 year old:

      a. Message Retention period must be 1 year

      b. Archiving jobs can still keep on running on daily basis (No need of manually running)

      So, on 04-Apr-2016, all the messages earlier than 04-Apr-2015 for which archiving rule was set will be archived by archiving job

      Ans-2: By default all the message are flagged for deletion if an archiving rule doesn't exist for them. Hence messages were deleted before archive setup. Also for treatment of synchronous messages please refer Delete messages AAE. Retention period | SCN

  • Mar 28, 2016 at 10:16 AM

    Hi Experts,

    Any views on the above question. I am still struggling with the answers.



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    • Hi Nidhi,


      1. - Am not clear how you are co-relating the count of messages archived with the no. of times the job gets executed as per schedule.

      For archiving: a. Message must not be in retention period

      b. Message must be in a final state (success or cancelled in case of errors)

      c. Message must meet the archiving rules

      2. It might happen that no. of messages in interface X might be greater on 23rd than on 22nd and hence it reflects in the increase in the archive count also. Rather than juggling around the retention period, take a view from RWB on the no. of messages likely to be archived as per conditions mentioned in point 1. Also note that retention period is 1 day in terms of milliseconds and not days. So a message executed successfully on 22nd at 7 am today will get archived on 23rd through archive job after 7 am (assuming job runs at 8 am daily). But a message executed at 8 pm on 22nd will be archived on 24th since it did not meet point 1-a. when the job run on 23rd.

      3. AFAIK, there's no prioritization/dependency of archive-deletion jobs. Whenever they are run they check points 1-a, b, c and take appropriate delete/archive action. A message not marked for archiving is marked for deletion and is finally deleted once the deletion job runs.