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Mar 22, 2016 at 07:43 PM

BI Platform Support Tool 2.0 Issue: E2E tracing shows results as Failed


Hi Team,

We are using BI Support Tool 2.0 to generate a end2end trace for a Opendocument login , we observe the tool is generating the trace logs files in the Users e2e_workdir folder, but the final end results for the trace shows as "FAILED".

1.)We are able to generate the landscape report for the environment. We are able to validate the SAP Host agent and the JMX port for the respective BO servers and Web Application tier servers

2.)When we try to generate a simple end2end trace for a cmc login also we see the FAILED message at the end of the trace, we do observe the logs in the e2e_workdir.

3.)Also the timetaken for generating the log files is more,as shown below:

Time spent for collecting BI traces 25min 2sec

Time spent for collecting Web traces 0min 1sec

Another instance:

Time spent for collecting BI traces 28min 59sec

Time spent for collecting Web traces 0min19sec

Please let us know if you want me to share any other information.

Has anyone observed these behaviour, could you please share your thoughts if the tracing is running or not?

Thank you


Screenshot_new.PNG (17.1 kB)