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Mar 21, 2016 at 10:26 PM

Required steps for a simple SmartTable control


Hi Specialists,

I'm struggling now a few days with the UI5 SmartTable control and implementation. As a summary

of my last days:

* UI5 online documentation checked

* Mass of SCN entries, Q&A, Blogs checked

* Requirement for special annotations evaluated

What I have already done:

* SAP WEB IDE Project which successfully displays sap.m.table, based on ODATA Service (ODATA Service Name "X")

* Want to move to SmartTable to use also FilterBar ...

What I have done for SmartControl:

* SAP Backend Gateway, Service Builder, New Annotation Project for original Service "X" created

* Redefinition of Annotation model class method to enter the special vocabulary annotations for required "LineItem" for

* Successfull test of extension Project in Gateway Client => Annotations are generated

Situation now:

* In the SAP WEB IDE ODATA Model => which Service do I have to reference? Service "X" ?

* When I check the metadata of Service "X", I see only the SAP annotations, not the Special annotations of my
extension project !?

* How do I Transfer the complete required annotations (sap annotations + special new annotations for smart controls)

=> In this context some SCN entries use a complete "metadata.XML" file. Is this needed?

* In SAP WEB IDE is a Special template "Smart Template" available. Following the wizard the System comes to a point,
where an annotation file or URL is required. How can I determine the annotation URL out of my Backend SAP Gateway
(Extension?) project?

I get now central overview, what steps are needed to display a simple flat SmartTable and what are the required steps.


Klaus Wegener