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Mar 21, 2016 at 11:12 AM

Bank statement search string not working



I am trying to create a fairly simple search string, but whatever I do, it does not seem to work correctly. At the moment, when I upload the EBS, all the GL postings are correct. Currently the following postings are being made for deposits made into the bank account from a store-

CR Bank £5,000

DR Cash in transit £5,000

I want to put a profit center on the debit line. In the definition of the search string, I have it set up as DEPOSIT AT PO ###. I tested it with search string DEPOSIT AT PO 123, and it correctly maps to 123.

In search string use, I have it set up as-

External transaction type: N925

+/-: Positive

Interpretation algorithm: 000

Search string: DEPOSIT AT PO

Target: Profit center

Active: Checked

When I upload the bank statement, the finance document does not have the profit center on it. What am I doing wrong? I want the profit center to be on the cash in transit line only. However if that is a problem, I can put it on both. N925 is assigned to posting rule Z001, algorithm is set to 000. +/- is set to + only, as this is only used for store deposits.

Can anyone help me?