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Mar 18, 2016 at 04:05 AM

Requirement-Deduction of TDS on 31st march for Interest at maturity FD


Dear Friends,

We have a requirement in an Interest at maturity FD having simple interest calculation.

When the tenure of FD includes the 31st march date, the TDS should get deducted. At the same time, we are also performing monthly accrual.

How can we fulfill this requirement? Derived flow for TDS wont work here as TDS is getting deducted on 31st march without any payment of interest. Interest will be at maturity and will be simple interest.

If we try to fulfill this using Other flows for TDS, how can we subtract the TDS amount from future calculations of accrual and final interest calculation?

As TDS is deducted as of 31st march, future accrual interest will reduce by some extent. How to handle this?