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Mar 17, 2016 at 09:21 PM

Issue with date prompt using universe


Hi guys,

I have an application based on universe using a date parameter and when I run the application, it doesn't show the help values for dates.

The business layer has defined the the field as DATE :

Then, into the application, the data source has this setting in the query specification (here we can see the help values for dates, I don't know why shows date and hour when the field is only defined by Date in the universe):

But when I execute the application I can´t see those help values for dates:

We are using 1.6 SP1 base on 4.1 SP2.

Please, any idea to solve this? Is there something I did wrong?

Thanks in advance!



App1.PNG (54.1 kB)
App2.PNG (55.9 kB)
App3.PNG (38.6 kB)