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Mar 17, 2016 at 04:17 PM

SAP Data Services Migration Accelerator (DSMA) with or without SAP Data Service?


Hi there,

does anybody know the DSMA-tool from BackOffice Associates (BOA)?

I am wondering if this is

a) an enhancement add-on to SAP Data Services (ex-BODS) using both or

b) if this is a stand-alone tool and you do not require SAP Data Services (ex BODS) for

data Migration because DSMA covers all transform functionalities that SAP Data Services (ex BODS) provides


If someone can provide a link to DSMA documentation, handbook or something like that,

that would be great. Unfortunately I did not find more than general info on

and I do not have S-user for SAP Market Place.

Thanks so much!


P.D. Is there a way to get for free a S-user for SAP Market Place to have access to documentations and webinars

and especially SAP Notes?