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Mar 16, 2016 at 12:12 PM

issue in SAP Note 2280660:-Overlapping of Data Blocks in Form 27A


Dear Gurus.

When we are trying to perform manual instruction given by sap in the system .in the 4 step shown below system giving error called

"""""'SFPF_HR_IN_ETDSF27A_Y doesnt exist""""

Steps given by SAP:-

Apply the below mentioned steps to get the changes into your system:

1)Download the attached file '’ on the local file system.

2)Unzip file '’ to ''SFPF_HR_IN_ETDSF27A_Y.xml'.

3)Execute SFP transaction; provide 'SFPF_HR_IN_ETDSF27A_Y’.

4)Select 'Change' tab.

Select 'Utilities -> Uploading Form' on menu bar.

Enter the 'File name' as complete path to the file stored on the system in Step 2 above.

Save and activate the form.

This will update the Adobe PDF form ‘SFPF_HR_IN_ETDSF27A_Y' from the downloaded xml file.

Please suggest what is to be done in this case