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Mar 16, 2016 at 10:45 AM



Hello colleagues,

I cannot get any mail from tcode GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION. In order to get them I followed the very useful docs here and here.

I also executed tcode GRAC_ACT_USAGE_SYNC before starting GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION. I see that table GRACALACTLOG is filled with data, and data presents in GRACALHDR table too. In NWBC, Access Alerts section, I see that alerts are available.

I know that this topic is not new and many resolved issues published here, but I don't know why I cannot get the required results.

The system has the following level of SP:

COMPONENT RELEASE EXTRELEASE GRCFND_A V1000 0020 PI_BASIS 702 0017 SAP_ABA 702 0017 SAP_BASIS 702 0017 SAP_BW 702 0017 ST-A/PI 01Q_700 0000000002 ST-PI 2008_1_700 0012

Maybe I don't get the idea of GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION process, could explain me then? As I understand, the process has the following steps:

GRAC_ACT_USAGE_SYNC synchronizes all tcodes performed in the system.

GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION looks for the nonmitigated/mitigated risks (that we opt on the selection screen)

If events according to our criteria are fulfilled then message goes to monitor and approver.

I set wf-batch, monitor and approver emails.

I run the tcode neither as monitor nor approver.

Dispite the message, I don't receive mails (SCOT is empty)

The only thing I suspect wrong is empty rows in mitigation controls. I didn't maintained them.

Please help me to understand where I have made a mistake




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