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Feb 24, 2006 at 04:39 PM

Mini SAP 4.6D (MBS)


I have installed mini SAP 4.6d on a laptop with XP from the CDs but now I cannot logon. I simply wanted a place to learn and practice ABAP Object skills. I've read all the notes in SDN without finding a solution to my specific problem and I'm considering downloading the newer sneak version but I don't want to go thru aother install especially if I end up with the same logon problem and when 4.6 will meet my needs for awhile.

If anyone can help me figure out how to get logged in, that would be great. If you think I should give up on MBS 4.6D, let me know.

I have the MS Loopback Adapter installed, firewalls off, and I can ping my system name (DROWNLAP) successfully.

I run dbenv and the Start SAP MBS before attempting logon. Logon fails with "No logon possible (no hw ID received by mssg server).

The license is current. saplicense -show gives the license usable result. However, saplicense -test seems to fail but it wants the pf=<profile> parameter which I need help figuring out.

Task Manager shows msg_server.exe and disp+work.exe running (disp_work.exe is shown twice ??)

In dev_w0 I have the message **ERROR => slicValBufInsert: did not get hwid from msg server [slicshm. 0486]

dev_disp shows the message *** ERROR => MsIAttach: NiBufConnect to DROWNLAP/sapmsMBS failed ....

dev_ms does not have any error messages.

Hopefully, this one will be easy for you guys. |😊