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Former Member
Mar 14, 2016 at 11:30 PM

Credit card surcharge for Direct debit (credit card) payments


Hi All,

I have a requirement to post a credit card surcharge for any direct debit (credit card) payments. The surcharge amount will be a % of the total outstanding amount for that payment run. I know additional line items can be posted through event 0032, and amounts can be modified through event 601. The requirement is:

a. Pick up the total outstanding amount for payment as per normal rules of FPY1

b. Calculate a particular % of the amount, post that amount as a surcharge on the account (debit), and send out the total amount + surcharge for payment

c. Clear the outstanding amount + surcharge immediately.

d. If payment is dishonored, then reverse the payment + surcharge (For this, I will need to create the surcharge document number and payment document number to be the same)

Can someone please help me with the relevant events where this can be done.