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Mar 14, 2016 at 07:37 PM

Merge of an Existing Company


Hi Experts,

I have a situation where 1 of my cusotmer, that runs ByD, will be merged with 2 other companies to become 1 company on Nov 1st 2016.

We have the current company in ByD with its organizationnal struture, its projects, its MD, etc. On Nov 1st this company will be dissolved and 1 new merged company will be created (3 cies are merging, 1 in ByD and 2 other are not in ByD).

I would like to have some advices to know what we be the best way to process this merge in ByD as the new company will be fully integrated in ByD.

The ideal situation we will be that I will not have to recreate and remigrate the structure and the master data of the existing company but to extend this structure accordingly to the new structure . My first idea was to extend and migrate the new balances dated on Nov. 1st and close the existing one on Oct. 31st.

Do you think it is doable ?

The other way I thought will be to recreate a completly new structure, new company and redo the full migration including, projects, open items, etc.

Does anyone have already faced this situation ?

Thank you in advance,