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Feb 24, 2006 at 02:11 PM

Error while Smart Sync inbound processing: IPersistenceException


We are using Mobile Infrastructure 2.5 SP 13 WAS 640 to run SmartSync applications with FileIO persistence.

the steps for replicate the problem are:

1. my client request to R3 data filtered by username.

R3 assign orders to my username (ME-SYNC_USER variable).

2. my first sync is ok : my user request successfully data using getList (TOP list)+ getDetail(ITEM detail) function in R3.

3. into R3 layer, my administrator adding a row (an item) in the order. my client synchronize with backend and the message returned from java method messageReplyReceived(MessageReply arg0) into arg0.getText() code is:

<b>"Error while Smart Sync inbound processing: Cannot insert as entity already exists for IClassDescriptor/Key: cZSYNMP_P13_010/1000513


-> your solution in the code:

we have tried to delete the row key : 1000513 in the local persistence (from file system) but we have no result. The exception persist.

the code is:

<i>else if ( arg0.getType()==MessageReplyType.ERROR)


String Text = arg0.getText();

String RKey = Text.substring((Text.lastIndexOf('/')+1));

SmartSyncDBAccess dba = new SmartSyncDBAccess();



dba.DeleteRow2("ZSYNMP_P13", RKey);


public void DeleteRow2 () {

SmartSyncDBAccess dba = new SmartSyncDBAccess();



MeIterator sbs = dba.getSyncBoInstances(SyncBoName, 0, 200, -1, true, "");

if(sbs.elementCount() > 0)




SyncBo s = (SyncBo);

SmartSyncTransactionManager transactionManager = dataFacade.getSmartSyncTransactionManager();





this is a bug of local persistence layer?


- eliana