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Mar 13, 2016 at 05:10 PM

Parameters by sales organization or company code


Hi Gurus,

We are a global company with many sales organizations\company codes (sales organization = company code==> 1:1).

I need to maintain several parameters by sales organization\company code , that will be used for reporting and printing programs.

For example: whether to print authorized signature, should I use logo or stationary, whether to print "INVOICE" or "TAX INVOICE" at invoice layout header, and a few more...

Do I have a standard location for maintaining such parameters or do I need a "Z" table for that?

I had an idea to use classification like customer classification, so I have tried to create a "Z" class type for on TVKO or T001, but it didn't create a search help in CL20N and the users do not know the numbers by heart (there are more than a hundred of them...)

Please help me -- I don't want to create another "Z" table

There are too many of those in this project...😢