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Mar 11, 2016 at 02:26 PM

I need to be an Unicorn! -Going Basis-


Hello all!

I recently changed company and I moved to a new place where, until my arrival, technical issues on SAP where managed by consultants, from development to SAP Hosting and system administration.

Lately the users are complaining about performances and the answer we got from the company hosting SAP are just uhmmm, so the Big Heads got the shining idea to take SAP inhouse on company servers since "Simone is a tecnichan! He'll solve the problems of the world".

This despite my efforts to explain that being a developer with a strong and solid background and knowing some tricks (check performances, indexes usage, bottlenecks and so on) not transform me into the best candidate to manage a whole SAP system, this idea is growing stronger and bigger.

So, to avoid to be struck by thunder without covering my... head, I'm starting looking for some documentantion/help/guide/suggestion/miracle to face this new challenge.

To be clear: it's not the job scaring me, it's being put into a job i do not have the tools to manage.

My first attemp has been the Learning Hub where I identified the courses i think i will need Curriculum | SAP System Administration - SAP ERP (component SAP ECC) as conditio sine qua non (SAPTEC -ADM100 -ADM110).

What else I need? Which suggestion can you give me (apart "RUN AWAY!" πŸ€ͺ )?

We are at the moment on 7.31 with ASE DB: we should change and upgrade in the meantime? to what?

Thanks all for the patience and all the help you can give me