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Scope of Code push down technologies in S4 HANA 1610

Feb 07, 2017 at 05:08 AM


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Hello Experts,

I have recently been assigned to a project running in S4 HANA 1610 for OTC . As an ABAP developer with my acquired knowledge on SAP HANA I fond there is very little scope of using code push down technologies like creating CDS views, AMDP and External Views in S4 HANA since we don't have access to HANA Studio and we only have access to SAP GUI for normal ABAP coding.

I want to know if still we can create and use CDS views, AMDP, External views etc. in S4 HANA like HANA Business Suite.


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1 Answer

Horst Keller
Feb 07, 2017 at 06:59 AM

ABAP CDS views, AMDP and External Views are not created in HANA Studio but in the Eclipse based ABAP Development Tools (ADT). Install ADT (which is the recommended IDE for all future ABAP development anyhow), connect to your S4 HANA and start editing ...

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Thanks for replying, but earlier HANA Studio itself was running on Eclipse based platform where we installed ADT and developed ABAP based applications in HANA Business Suite on Premise.

Now ABAP developers do not have access to database credentials for S4 HANA, so we cannot connect Eclipse to S4 HANA, then how is it possible to create CDS views or External views just from the SAP GUI using S4 HANA 1610?

Is there any other possible way to create CDS views or External views in S4 HANA without using Eclipse.



Hello Kanchan,

ABAP Development Tools (ADT) and HANA Studio are two different products. Both are eclipse plugins so they can run side by side in the same eclipse installation but they don't need to. At least ADT can also be used without HANA Studio.

That means there is no need for HANA Studio and there is no need for database credentials if you want to work with ADT, ABAP CDS and AMDP.

You can get ADT here: and connect directly to your ABAP server.

To also anwer your actual question: There is no proper support for development of AMDP or CDS outside of ADT.

Best regards,

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Armin Beil

Thanks Armin,

I have now successfully installed ADT on Eclipse and have connected S4 HANA 1610 using my user credentials.

I can now create AMDPs through ADT in ABAP perspective but not sure about CDS. I will check and will update you.