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Mar 10, 2016 at 08:40 PM

Save password for opening .rpt within crystal reports


I have Crystal Reports connected to a database on a server in our organization. When I created the DSN to connect it had me provide database credentials and it tested ok. I can open any .rpt created but upon doing so it always asks for the DB username and password. This is not much of a hassle for me as I have access to the DB but for other users who are going to be grabbing this report this will not work for them and I would prefer that it did not prompt just to open/read a report.

I have been doing research and tried to implement a couple fixes such as making a File DSN I could share with the credentials stores into it and then connecting with it in Crystal Reports or adding a connection string with my credentials but I do not get any errors just prompted for the username and password as If i had not made any changes.

I am slightly stuck as how to move forward and would greatly appreciate any assistance or direction.

I am not loading this into a webpage but the reports will be opened from a application called MiSys if there is another workaround provided by that program.