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Mar 10, 2016 at 04:47 PM

How to pass the body content which is in Json format in Rest API's Post method?


Hi Experts,

We are building a connector with markto and SAP C4C by using the REST API's and i have some queries regarding the ABSL.

1. How to pass the Body content in the post method of the API in Json format?

2. And how to parse the response that is in JSON format string?

Below are some screen shots.

Body Should be in Below Json Format how to send it through our ABSL?

Below is the response we get in Json format(Requested the API from online Tool).

How to parse this response in ABSL.

Kindly help me in this issue.




Rest_Body.PNG (24.9 kB)
JSON Format.PNG (5.5 kB)