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Quality Inspection Samples to external testing


I am in a Pharmaceutical environment and using QM with Inspection Lots. 

I have a requirement to ship samples of a product that has been semi finished by an external supplier against a Purchase Order then send it for testing to a specific external company, I would like to do this with out releasing the stock to allow the shipment.  When the testing is complete the inspection lot can be released and then the samples consumed.

My Ideal solution would be that when the inspection lot is created we can assign the ship to party and then ship the goods using SD delivery functionality and therefore confirm the goods issue so we have a record it has been shipped

I do not want to release the goods to allow shipment and I need to show the total goods receipt to pay the supplier against his invoice.

Has anyone tried or had to do something like this before?  I can t believe that SAP needs a work around to manage this

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1 Answer

  • Mar 10, 2016 at 07:01 PM

    Hi Langridge,

    Before we suggests our thoughts, we would like to know your BPML process in a bit more details. Please can you answer to the below questions -

    1. Are your using an operation in routing for production order with external purchase control key, thus PurReq is getting created at the release of this Order. Then you are converting this PurReq to PurOrd and then doing Goods Issue to the PurOrd. Then doing GR and creating inspection Lot 0130, against this GR. Once this material is received, this material is consumed in the subsequent operations to create the Finished Goods.

    i) If so, are you issuing only semi-finished material against your PurOrd to Vendor or you are issuing Semi-finished material along with some additional components?

    ii) Is the Semi-finished material issued to the PurOrd and the material received from the vendor sub-contractor are having same material numbers or different material numbers?

    iii) Are you willing to send GR sample for testing or you wish to send all the semi-finished material form sub-contractor to 3rd party and then receive the material form 3rd party?

    For the explained above scenario what is the issue in implementing it? Have your MM team done fit-gap workshop and got it clarified?

    2. SD Delivery Functionality - I didn't got this process clearly. Please can you explain it in a bit more details. At what stage you are expecting the materials to received and what is the inspection process you are thinking about?

    Thanks for your inputs!



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    • Hi Langridge,

      Arijit suggestion is most relevant one to handle your scenario in SAP. But your requirement to ship the sample qty. from Quality Inspection stock to vendor will be a concern.

      My suggestion will be

      You change your business process to do the goods receipt of the same material in two separate line items; (Sample qty in one line item; Remaining qty. in separate line item)

      In this case, two inspection lots will be generated; You can clear Inspection Lot of the sample qty to send to vendor for external testing.Till you get the inspection result of the sample, You can keep the other lot open.

      I hope, this will meet your requirement.


      Alwar B