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Mar 10, 2016 at 09:57 AM

#COMPUTATION error in BI4.0 WebI Reports



We are experiencing computation error in some simple reports which were previously fine. I tried importing, adding comment to parameters part of the business layer of the .unx , saving and keeping existing name of business layer ā€“ still same behavior. Users generally see the one visible .unx file and if we created another business layer there would be confusion among the users and existing reports need to use the same business layer.Only 1 object called i-know.unx in the system. No change to objects, connection or report. In the report concerned there is only 1 data provider and if create a brand new report in same document with any of the dimension object get #COMPUTATION. Making temporary change to data provider, dragging object out then in again even without saving then refreshes O.K. without #computation. It looks like any change (even without saving) to the data provider in any way e.g. drag out object and put pack in causes it to behave normally Unchecked e.g. duplicate rows then re-check runs O.K. But this only a workaround ā€“ would like to know cause and solution for all reports without such manual workaround.

Doing the actions below remove the Credit% object from report but as you know when refresh manually without any change at all Credit% stays there.

1) If drag object out of report then back in runs fine but less desired in case hard-coded sql as this would change this

2) If check/uncheck any of the check-boxes and select o.k and run, runs fine.

3) Notice if you select Data provider/Tools/Change data source (keeping same universe) and select next mentions Credit% even though not in report

Select Next can see Credit% and if select Finish it runs O.K.

Step 2 also looks to remove the redundant column Credit% from report.

If encounter this with any other reports, be interesting to know if reports concerned have any other such obsolete objects in them.

Iā€™m wondering if this behavior related to report thinking it has obsolete objects in them, Not clear, however why it would start behaving this way as Credit% not existed as object in universe for ages and unclear as to why report still thinks exists as object in report as assume been no changes to it recently? The issue is reproducible in both WebI Rich Client and BILaunchpad.




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