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Error in purchase requisition release strategy

Feb 07, 2017 at 02:37 AM


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Hi All,

PR release strategy has been configured with classification based on plant,MRP controllers, price and creation indicator, So based on that I have configured the subsequent steps with 2 release codes.

Now I have created Purchase request and the parameters which I have given in the PR is same as the configuration and saved it, So the release strategy of this PR has been created based on the 2 release codes. So after approval of the 2 release codes the release indicator should be automatically convert from block to release stage.

But here the problem is the system remains in block state after the approval of 2 codes. I have checked the configurations side all fine.

This particular error is not coming for all the PR’s for the same release strategy but only for some PR’s.

Please find the attached both configuration and transaction wise screen shots.

Thanks in Advance.

error.png (180.3 kB)
config1.png (134.7 kB)
config2.png (113.5 kB)
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Jürgen L Feb 07, 2017 at 08:25 AM

Did you change release strategy customizing after you created the PR?

Is there anything red in transaction OMGSCK?

Can you show a screenshot from the change history of your PR?

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There is no changes has been made in customizing after PR creation ,

Please find the attached OMGSCK & Change history screen shot.



how did you get the 2 checkmarks for release code CK and CD that can be seen in your screenshot

Have you done any release activity or did they appear right away after you changed the value?

I am bit confused with your change history, it shows the release transaction code but it only shows a change of the PR value and not any change for the release status.