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Feb 24, 2006 at 07:01 AM

Condition Step in WF.


Hi all,

Scenario: My WF has 2 transactions. Based on the number of times the user executes the first transaction I have to call the 2nd transaction, the same number of times, with the input data of the first transaction.

So after each time the first transaction is executed I m increasing my WF container elmnt. by 1. Then after each execution of the 2nd transaction decreasing the same WF container element by 1. Then checking thru CONDITION step whether element > 0 or not. If it is, then only opening the 2nd transaction.

Problem: I checked thru SEND MAIL task the values r getting into the WF element after each execution of the 2 transactions. But my CONDITION is not checking for >0 or <> 0 condition. No problems with the CONDITION step. I think there is some data mismatch while comparing in CONDITION step. My container element is of type SWCONT-VAlUE and in CONDITION step giving the condition >0.

Kindly help...

Thanks and Regards,