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Mar 09, 2016 at 11:22 AM

Warm Standby


Hi All,

I am very new to replication, please help me accomplish one of the tasks at hand in my new job.

The details are as follows

Primary Dataserver - ASE1

Primary Database - pubs1

Standby Dataserver - ASE2

Standby Databasae - pubs1

Currently we have warm standby between ASE1 and ASE2

Replication Server REP1 has ASE_RS and ASE_RSSD

Now the task is to Implement a warmstandby between ASE2 and ASE3 where ASE3 will be used for reporting purposes only.

In this solution, ASE2 will be primary for ASE3 (Standby)


1 - Can it be done. If Yes, please provide me detailed steps to do it

2 - Do we need to install a replication server at ASE2 and also at ASE3

3 - Does the new warmstandby have any implications on ASE2 dataserver and database

4 - Is there any other way to accomplish the task (other than warm standby)

5 - There are multiple databases with data around 10-15 GB that are being replicated (Please consider the size of db's for a good solution)

Please provide step by step instructions to accomplish this task. Your efforts will be appreciated

If there are any SAP notes, please give me details

Thanks & Best Regards