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Feb 24, 2006 at 03:53 AM

Header Text for Field Catalog ALV Grid doubt ..


Hi everybody

I have an ALV Grid List Report (REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY)

but i have a trouble: the header texts for the fields are always truncated to 10 positions.

The code for fill the Field Catalog are:

CLEAR l_field_cat.

l_field_cat-COL_POS = 2.

l_field_cat-FIELDNAME = 'AVERAGE'.

l_field_cat-TABNAME = 'T_REPORT'.

l_field_cat-REF_TABNAME = 'RPSCO'.

l_field_cat-REF_FIELDNAME = 'WLP00'.

l_field_cat-SELTEXT_S = TEXT-004. <- 'AverageAmount' 20 lenght

l_field_cat-DDICTXT = 'S'.

l_field_cat-KEY = ' '.

l_field_cat-KEY_SEL = ' '.

APPEND l_field_cat TO p_field_cat.

But, although the column appears with 20 characters lenght, the header text appears 'AverageAmo', and it is in the same way for all the fields, even with fields with 40 characters lenght.

What am i doing incorrect ?

Thanks in Advanced