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Former Member
Mar 08, 2016 at 04:18 AM

Stable device not cleared up after tran applied on target server succefully


Hi Everyone,

I had a batch of transactions to applied on the primary to target server of ASE verison 15.7 using table level replication setup.
I found that all this transactions was succesfully applied on the target server.But when i checked with admin disk_space command , i found that rep server's stable devices are filled up almost completely.
I am wondering why does it not cleared the queue after applying the transactions to target server succesfully.
There is no active transaction on primary server now, as well as not so much of log usages for primary database.
All threads are also up & running.
This is just weird. not understanding why the stable device was not cleared in this case?
It will be much helpful for your inputs on to resolve this issue as it's a Production environment.

Thanks and Regards,