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Feb 23, 2006 at 10:25 PM

partitioning an active but uncompressed cube


Hello Community,

There are many posts on partitioning InfoCubes. I promise I have read all of them before asking this question -->

Partitioning for a fact table must be defined <b>before you activate</b> the InfoCube. It cannot be done afterwards.

But what if the cube has not been compressed yet ?

My hope is that the ability to partition any time up until the <b>1st fact-table compression</b> has come with newer BW releases ?

The reason I have this hope is because partitioning affects only the E-fact tables. And, of course, the E-Fact remains empty until the 1st compression. (F-fact tables are automatically partitioned by the request-ID).

So why should it be impossible to define the partitioning if the E-Fact table is still empty ?


Another question : when working with the BW GUI, if it is indeed true that I must unload, partition, and reload the unpartitioned cubes before compressing them, what is lost or gained by skipping that process and simply compressing the unpartitioned cube followed by partitioning with database tools ?