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Feb 06, 2017 at 10:14 PM

Duration of review for a blog post


Hello SAP Community,

I was not particularly happy about the changes in former SCN platform. New platform is hardly usable and difficult to navigate (or maybe that's just me being too old:). Anyway, that was just a general comment, hope I would survive this change.

Here is a question itself: I've create a new post on 1st of February and submitted it for review... almost a week passed since that time and my post is still under "Review" status. So I'm curious - is there some technical problem involved that a moderator cannot see my post? Or do people submit too many posts and moderators do not have enough time to review them?

What bothers me as well is that I cannot get in touch with anyone responsible for reviewing or at least clarify on the status. An option to send a message (even to an anonymous moderator assigned to my blog) and clarify on the status would be helpful in case it takes so long.