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Duration of review for a blog post

Feb 06, 2017 at 10:14 PM


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Hello SAP Community,

I was not particularly happy about the changes in former SCN platform. New platform is hardly usable and difficult to navigate (or maybe that's just me being too old:). Anyway, that was just a general comment, hope I would survive this change.

Here is a question itself: I've create a new post on 1st of February and submitted it for review... almost a week passed since that time and my post is still under "Review" status. So I'm curious - is there some technical problem involved that a moderator cannot see my post? Or do people submit too many posts and moderators do not have enough time to review them?

What bothers me as well is that I cannot get in touch with anyone responsible for reviewing or at least clarify on the status. An option to send a message (even to an anonymous moderator assigned to my blog) and clarify on the status would be helpful in case it takes so long.

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Caroleigh Deneen
Feb 07, 2017 at 09:37 PM

I was able to find the blog in moderation with a submitted for review status, and I just released it. Nice one!

It's possible your "jive" blog posts weren't correctly counted towards author status when we switched platforms. But now that you have two published native here on the new platform, let's see if that switched you from contributor to author.

To check can you go back into the new post screen: and check if the button at the bottom in the Publish tray is labeled, "Publish" or "Submit for Review" (see screen shots).

The time it takes for moderation review varies by tag, content type and author status. Sorry this one took a few days. Let's get you to Author status so it won't be an issue for you:)

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Hello Caroleigh,

Thank you for support with this issue. I've checked - now I can see "Publish" button instead of "Submit for Review", besides I've also received notification saying that "your blogging level was upgraded from blog contributor to blog author."

Hope there won't be any issues anymore:)


Glad to hear it... Happy blogging!

Jürgen L
Feb 06, 2017 at 10:53 PM

You should post title and tag and a link to make it easier to find your content.

That your blog ended in pre-moderation must actually be caused by bug, as you have already 7 other blogs.

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Hello Jürgen,

Thank you! Primary tag of my post is "FIN (Finance)", the title is "Format-specific structure in DMEE". The system didn't generate yet a permanent link to my post, all I can send is this link∾tion=edit. Hope it would be helpful.