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Mar 05, 2016 at 08:57 AM

Test Results across the areas



I've had a bit of a look/play across the QA....

Understand if most of the issues are due to the development not being complete 😊

Moderator Service – My Moderation Tasks


  • Error: parsererror|| SyntaxError: Unexpected token Y

Possibly due to no entries for Moderator Tasks?

  • No return to main page on the Service (No Community Menu drop down). Having to arrow back via the Browser

Universal Profile

  • Navigation menu drop down is missing to go back to other areas of the BETA/QA community

  • Location Details – that’s the suburb that I live in. I’d prefer not to disclose this information. Is this publicly available? This was copied through from the Central Identity. As I’m an Independent Consultant, my home address information has been stored here. There are many members out there who are not associated with companies and will be in the same situation. Do I just edit and remove the information? See screen shot below for Country

  • User Profile Details with Country, I was under the impression that sort of information was not being displayed in current SCN due to some data privacy (Germany?) laws. I might have been mistaken but it came up in a discussion when asking if possible to get statistics and insight as to which countries user base is from.

  • What is Elsewhere? When I click to Edit this it doesn’t give much indication of what to mention here. Is this due to Universal Profile still being in development? Elsewhere is a confusing heading. Is this meant to be my External Site?

  • Will User’s last logon date be made available here like in SCN? Comes back also to whether users have the ability to control which information is publicly available as per current platform.

  • Moderator Identifier – My name shows the symbol there. Is there any way functionality can be extended to click on link and see which Tags I would be responsible for? Also, will these be symbols as well and will SAP employees and Mentors have markers too? Anyway, a differentiation between Moderator and Global Moderators can show too?

  • Uploading Picture – I cannot choose to crop or move picture to centre to determine which part of the picture is upload. Photo below as example was fortunately centered how I’d want it (picture of top of my wedding cake showing how much husband and I met at work).

  • Picture upload – would SAP consider having some sort of filter to check for appropriate photos and push to moderation?

  • More on Picture – does this mean you can only have one current picture uploaded. In SCN I currently have my icon photo (holding the fish) and I’ve been nicknamed Fish lady by some members. But I still have the more professional photo of me on my profile which makes me more recognisable. We’re going to have challenge where members like to put up cartoon style profile pic which in a way violates SCN ROE. However, some of these members put a proper photo up on their profile overview.

  • Short Bio word count is 200 characters - bit too short? My existing bio in SCN about me will not fit in this space (and that’s not very long compared so what some other member write about themselves). If this is the limitation, will there be a member’s link for personal blog/bio where they can write a lot more?

  • Lack of Bio – if no short Bio has been entered I can see two dashes. Could this be updated to a label to advise the user they have no Bio and can add one via the Edit Profile

  • Name information – when editing my name is split into the two fields but no label as to whether this is given name or surname. Some countries reverse names so it might be confusing.

  • Products/Skills/Expertise – Might be nice to add option for users to add their SAP competencies and list product/modules expertise. That way it’s company and location; Languages I speak; My SAP Skills; Elsewhere (whatever that is)

  • View User – heading label missing for company and country. Perhaps if you are looking at someone else’s profile the heading should be <Names>’s Languages instead of ‘Languages I speak’

My Preferences

  • Are all of the fields private or publicly available information? What is the mapping to current SCN account information that can be hidden

  • Screen layout issue. I’m in Chrome and the left side is cut off when choosing Authentication Modes

Profile Registration

  • I had to register for each space instead of automatic account creation based on universal identify. However, bigger issue is that my company information was wiped. This goes back to the Universal Profile – I removed my Company and City as it was my home address information. It wiped it out of Universal Identity (I think). It’s a mandatory field in Universal Identity – refer tell us about your company screen shot.

Company Registration.PNG

  • Account not found – after registering I get message that password is invalid. When I register for one area (e.g. blogs) why isn’t this signing me up to all items in the platform (Q&A, blogs, universal profile, etc)? Is this because we’re in BETA and the full solution hasn’t been pulled together?

Following People

How scalable is the screen layout for members who have a large number of followers? Within Profile area (no idea how I drilled back to this) it shows who Follows you and who you are following but cannot see ways to filter/search/etc like in current SCN page.

Moderation Message

“This post is currently awaiting moderation. If you believe this to be in error, contact a system administrator.”

How do you know who the System Administrator is and how do you contact them? Is this a message for now that will be cleaned up later? Can the link direct them to a blog or information about SCN rules and moderation process?

Question and Answers

I am able to ask the question without logging in. It’s not until I try to post I get message to login and post. You cannot search a Tag without being logged in (shows up as searching without returning results). Should the Ask Question be available if you are not logged in?

Anyway, that's enough testing and playing for this weekend. It's been fun to start to see the platform come together. Great work everyone!