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Feb 23, 2006 at 06:11 PM

Portals Development - roles & responsiblities


Hello - Wanted to ask the group how they define roles & responsibilities in regards to Portals development.

We have a team of people that manage the portal. In terms of importing Business Packages, Configuring the Portal, managing security groups & roles, controlling the TLN and SLN navigation, etc.

We also have a team that is responsible for traditional development. Java, ABAP, HTML, etc. These are our developers.

Within your Portal environment, where do you draw the lines of responsibilities? For example, for developing applications using the NW Developer Studio. Seems logical that a team of developers would handle this. But, how about for managing objects within the PCD, or creating simple iViews? Do you have Portal Admins perform that function, or your developers?

Thank you for your insights.