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Mar 03, 2016 at 08:52 PM

Asked to AND bitmaps of different length


Whilst adding a new table subscription (define subscription...), RS reported (for all distributors but one):

E. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. ERROR #25021 DIST(212 [server].[database]) - seful/bm.c(553)

Asked to AND bitmaps of different length

I. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. DIST for '[server].[database]' is waiting for SQM(s) to flush to outbound queue(s).

I. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. The distributor for '[server].[database]' is shutting down

I was able to resume them (resume distributor [server].[database]) and everything seems to be working.

Seems very odd that adding a subscription should cause this to occur. What is also interesting is that the distributor for the database that I was defining the subscription for did NOT go down.

Any insight is appreciated.

RS version 15.6

ASE 15.5