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Feb 23, 2006 at 12:33 PM

SelectionScreen - DynPro sequence/hopping


Hej together,

I'm stuck on the following:

I do have to rewrite an old inconsistency report to use new UI techniques instead of old lists.

At first a selection-screen is created. The criteria of this screen is checked using the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN wherein some database queries are done either.

Some of the results will be used later on in the event START-OF-SELECTION.

Inside START-OF-SELECTION I put the CALL on dynpro 100 (where my tree and grid etc. is placed for display). PBO100 does some additional queries based on the results of AT-SELECTION-SCREEEN-queries.


If I do go back to the Selectionscreen via CALL SELECTION-SCREEN 1000, it'll jump to START-OF-SELECTION instead of executing the needed AT-SELECTION-SCREEN.

In result on dynpro 100 the hierarchy is built incorrectly.

Hope it's comprehensible 😊

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.