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Feb 23, 2006 at 12:10 PM

IPC pricing gross value for products in catalog


Hello all,

In ISA b2b application I need to add a new column with gross value for products in catalog. Here is how I've tryed :


<!-- CBI Added gross price -->

<td align="right" >

<%IPCItem priceRef2;

try {

priceRef2 = (IPCItem) item.getItemPrice().getPriceInfo()


if (priceRef2 != null) {

DimensionalValue grossValue = priceRef2



<%=grossValue.getValueAsString() + " "

+ grossValue.getUnit()%>

<% } else {

%><isa:translate key="z_catalog.isa.nogrossvalue"/> <% }

} catch (Exception e) {

%><isa:translate key="z_catalog.isa.ipcexception"/>

<%} %>


<!-- CBI Added gross price -->


The problem is that the gross value is the same with the net value.

I've try also using <i>item.getItemPrice().getPriceInfo().getAllPriceInfos()</i>

where item is WebCatItem, and retrive an array of PriceInfo (s) with only one PriceInfo object which has the type <b>netValue</b>.

Then in the backendobject-config.xml I've modify the priceTypes attribute value for BO "CatPriceCalc", but without any succes. Here is the snippet:

<i><businessObject type="PriceCalc" name="CatPriceCalc" className="com.sapmarkets.isa.backend.crm.webcatalog.pricing.PriceCalculatorCRMIPC" connectionFactoryName="JCO" defaultConnectionName="ISAStateless">


<!-- CBI gross value -->

<b><param name="priceTypes" value="totalNetValue totalGrossValue"/></b>

<!-- for allowed values see defined constants in com.sapmarkets.isa.backend.boi.webcatalog.pricing.PriceType -->

<param name="doItemCalls" value="true"/>

<!-- set this to true if you want to have additional call of CRM_ISA_PRICING_ITMDATA_GET when doing item pricing -->


Do you know how to solve this problem? Or why is not working.

Any help (soultion, docs, links) is very wellcome and rewarded.

Thank you