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Feb 23, 2006 at 09:39 AM

InfoObject ABC does not contain alpa-conforming value



We are getting following error

"InfoObject ABC does not contain alpa-conforming value"

Searched for service site but didnt find any match.

BW server is having following patch levels

SAP_ABA 640 0015 SAPKA64015 Cross-Application Component

SAP_BASIS 640 0015 SAPKB64015

SAP Basis Component

PI_BASIS 2004_1_640 0010 SAPKIPYI6A

Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) 2004_1_640

SAP_BW 350 0013 SAPKW35013

Business Information Warehouse

BI_CONT 353 0000 -

Business Intelligence Content

And following is the help message , but unfortunately we are not able to figure out what could be the reason. If we remove ALPHA conversion routine from the infoobject its working perfectly fine.

Pls let us know the cause of the problem.

Thanks a lot.



Diagnosis The system checked whether the loaded InfoObject value conforms to the conversion exit.The check failed.

For Example:

The value '1' was loaded into an InfoObject with alpha exit, even though the value '0000000001' was expected.

Systemresponse The load process has failed or the erroneous records are displayed in the monitor. This does not depend on how error handling is set up.


Find out why the data does not conform to the conversion exit, and, if possible, correct the cause. Possible causes are errors in Business Content or an error in a customer exit in the source system.

If you cannot correct the problem, you have the option of removing the conversion exit on the InfoObject. However, since the system has already

been converted, duplicates appear in the system again.