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Feb 26, 2016 at 08:27 PM

Using ext. segment in WPUUMS to send Sales Item Types from POSDM/CAR/POSDTA



I am currenty implementing POSDTA (pos data transfer and audit ) in CAR .

I have some 14 different sales scenarios, each of which requires of which required a posting to a different G/L Accounts. i.e. I have one unique G/L account for each of the 14 different scenarios. Eg. Sales goes in GL XXXX, Return foes to GL YYYY.

Because of high data volumes, I want to send aggregated Sales to ERP. i.e use WPUUMS idoc, instead of WPUBON.

The challenge with WPUUMS is that it does not have the ability to send the Sales Item Type, which is required to identify different sales scenarios.

One way to achieve this was to populate the extension segment in WPUUMS - E1WXX01 with the sales item type.

1. Could you tell me how can I populate this extension segment ?

1a. Is doing required ?

1b. If yes, where the code needs to be written and what configuration needs to be done

2. How do use the grouping key to different between different sales scenarios when running the aggregation task.

3. How to populate the extension segment based on the grouping key used.