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Feb 26, 2016 at 11:17 AM

Problem in fm ; FTP_R3_TO_SERVER'



I am facing problem while using this function module : FTP_R3_TO_SERVER'.

i want to transfer data from SAP to FTP server in (.CSV) file. still through my program everything is ok.means i am able to transfer data from SAP TO FTP server in .CSV format. but client requirement is

Example : suppose on FTP server already 2 record exist in .CSV file when i create new two record ithrough my problem means from SAP.

that time 2 record which already available on FTP server refresh and 2 newly created records getting paste on that FTP server .CSV file.

but i dont want like that . i want when i create new 2 record that time this 2 record and old 2 record must be display in .CSV file on FTP server.

currently new records gets replaced by old record but i dont want that please help me to fulfill this requirement.