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Feb 26, 2016 at 09:51 AM

Regarding the table tabbing issue...


Hi guys,

first of all: yes, I read this post and no, it didn't solve the problem.

So, SAPUI5 has an issue with the tab functionality in editable tables - you can't jump to the next input field using the tab key, because the SAPUI5 environment switches between the controls itself when you press tab. I think this is a huge setback compared to classical ALV processing. It basically makes changes in tables impossible without using the mouse.

For a customer project I need this functionality so I'm looking for ways to bypass the UI5 standard handling.

I played around a bit and found something interesting:

When you deactivate the keydown handling for the sap.m table (stopPropagation and preventDefault), then the tab navigation nearly works perfectly fine. BUT: only if you register the keydown for the input templates and do an alert statement in it.

I know it sounds strange and I don't understand the behaviour, but check it out yourself:

JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

The cursor jumps from inputfield to inputfield (even to the next row), but only if the alert statement is active. When deleting the statement the tab key will do nothing at all.

Can someone explain this behaviour? Maybe we can find a way to make it work without the alert?

Btw.: Another problem is the scrolling when the user reaches the last visible row... why is the table editing such a hassle in SAPUI5?!