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Feb 25, 2016 at 06:04 PM

LSMW Field length for a custom field restricted to 30 Chars


Dear LSMW experts,

I have created a custom transaction/program which accepts two inputs - Material Number and Material description and updates Description.

The program uses Parameters : P_MATNR like mara-matnr and P_MAKTX like makt-maktx.

The program runs fine and fields lengths are inherited from the data dictionary.

Now I did a Recording in LSMW. In that recording the fields P_MATNR and P_MAKTX appear.

I have done 'default all'. then provided a name and Description to the two parameters. So far no issues.

When I hit save - it says the P_MATNR would be set to a length of 30 and P_MAKTX will be set to a field length of 30.

MAKT-MAKTX is 40 Char long. So when the conversion runs, it only maps 30 Chars of Source to the Target.

Tried some debugging. The program tries to determine the data element using the Field name - in this case P_MAKTX. does not find an entry.

Hence it gives the information message that field length would be set to 30.

This problem does not appear when we use BDC-recording for MM02. With MM02 recording it shows MAKT-MAKTX as the field and determines the right length of 40.

Have you encountered this problem when BDC recording is done for Custom Transactions using parameters with a field length more than 30 ?

Can you suggest a solution ?